Production of manuals and
creation of texts

Production of manuals and
creation of texts

Production of manuals and creation of texts

By enclosing a high-quality manual to your product, you let your customers know that your objective is not only to meet the statutory requirements as easily as possible and quickly sell your products. Above all, it is an expression of your responsive business philosophy based on the added value and the professional culture of sale. After all, a high-quality and good-looking manual itself is a very good supplementary tool for sales promotion.

Based on materials supplied by you, which provide your idea about the final document, we can create a comprehensive concept for its design.


Text translation

Translations are done by specialists in the given field. We consult the customer on the terminology.

Graphic design / Typesetting

Based on the documents and materials provided by the customer, we process and create technical or other documentation in the required format and typographical design. We draft a graphic layout of the document and overall design.

Linguistic correction

Linguistic correction enhances the quality of the writing and has become a standard procedure in the creation of all documents that are intended for publication.

Grammar correction and prepress correction

Prepress correction is particularly focused on checking and correcting any typographical errors that might have arisen during typesetting.

Preparation of print data files and printing of documents

We prepare the files according to the required quality and arrange printing of the required number of copies.

Completion and binding

The selected document binding can also be a very simple one – saddle stitching, comb binding with a plastic or wire spine or glue binding.


Delivery of the required number of copies of the manual to the customer.


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