The price of a translation is set on the basis of the number of standard pages (SP) of the final translated or corrected text. One SP has 1800 characters including spaces.
Where CAT (computer-aided translation) tools are used for a translation, including a translation memory, the price of the translation is based on the number of words of the final translated text.
The price of a translation not only depends on the language combination, but also on the specialisation and on how demanding the text to be translated is, as well as on its graphic design and final form.
In addition to the check by the translator, the price of a translation also includes a check by the project manager, which consists of a basic check of the spelling, figures, graphic design and completeness of the translation.


Translations from Slovak to Czech

From 190 CZK/SP*

Translations from Czech to Slovak

From 240 CZK/SP*

Translations from English or German to Czech

From 319 CZK/SP*

Translations from Czech to English or German

From 330 CZK/SP*

Translations from/to other common European languages (e.g. Polish, Russian, French, Italian or Spanish)

From 350 CZK/SP*

Translations from/to less common languages (e.g. Dutch, Swedish, Arabic or Vietnamese)

From 450 CZK/SP*

* All quoted prices are ex VAT.


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