Prepress processing and printing

Prepress processing and printing

Prepress correction
and printing

of print data files



Prepress processing and printing

Our services also cover the printing of the corporate or product materials of our customers.

In cooperation with our printing partner, we offer prepress processing, printing and bookbinding of final translations or documents delivered by the customer for very reasonable prices.

Prepress correction

Before ordering a print run, it is always advisable to carry out prepress correction of the print data file in order to remove the smallest bugs in a document. Our advantage is that the prepress correction of our translations is not so time-consuming, so it is less costly.

Prepress correction involves the final check of a document before printing or publication. This includes the checking and correction of typographical errors that might have arisen during typesetting, as well as formatting, text wrapping, the splitting of words at the end of lines, text completeness, inserted images, used characters, diacritical marks, etc.

Prepress correction is always recommended if you are going to print a document, for the simple reason that errors in printed materials cannot be corrected any more.

Preparation of print data files

After completing the correction of the textual content, it is also necessary, for a good printing result, to check the colours and quality of the graphical content and prepare the print data files according to the required quality.

Before ordering a print run, it is necessary to prepare the print data file properly – select the right type of file, define the colour space, scale, resolution and other details. This preparation is of paramount importance for the quality of the final printed material, and no printing can be initiated without it. At this stage, it is also necessary to clarify the requirements for the format of the printed material, the paper, the type of binding and, where appropriate, the surface of the cover.


The printing technology is selected on the basis of the number of copies and the needs of the customer, so that the technology is used that is the most economically advantageous for the given type of job.

When placing print orders, you can select from a variety of printing technologies. However, each of them is suitable for a different type of order, which means a printing method suitable for the given purpose must be chosen. In addition to the printing technology, it is also necessary to determine the number of copies to be printed, the quality (resolution) and colours (black-and-white or colour printing). Depending on the purpose of the printed material, it is possible to choose from various sorts of paper, select the type of binding and, where appropriate, the surface of the cover. Based on the nature of the printed material, we are happy to help you with the selection of a suitable technology and quality of print.


After a print run is completed, the bookbindery cuts the printed materials to size, and bends, sews, glues and vacuum packs them.

The bookbinding starts with cutting and ends with a standard or customised binding – from a V1 binding for exercise books to a V8 binding for high-end books. Other bookbinding activities include cutting-out, cutting single layers, backing, gluing, folding, perforating, blind blocking, drilling, corner rounding, skiving, creasing, manual completion and packing, as well as assembling e.g. three-dimensional eye catchers and racks.

Depending on the nature of the printed material and the conditions under which it will be used, we are able to recommend appropriate processing that will considerably extend its life. If required, we can also propose an alternative solution to save costs whilst maintaining quality.

Through our partnered printing works we offer bookbinding and finishing of all types of printed materials.



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