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Customer may send the background documents to our e-mail address, via the ordering form at our website here or in printed form by post. We prefer the background documents in electronic form. Upon receipt of the documents, we shall prepare a free, non-binding, preliminary calculation.
Upon confirmation of the order, the require scope of work, way of delivery, output format and the date of delivery are agreed with the customer.
The contractual relationship between the customer and the contractor arises on the basis of a binding order which is confirmed by the contractor. A binding order can be sent via the online ordering form, e-mail or by post.
If the customer requires the use of a specific terminology, the customer is obliged to hand over a current terminology glossary to the contractor. The updated terminology glossary is handed over by the contractor back to the customer when the order is submitted.


The way of delivery of the completed order is agreed with the customer upon confirmation of the order. Most commonly, we send completed translations via e-mail; or via our FTP server as a download option for more data-intensive files. We can also send the translations on CD or in printed form by post if requested. The delivery of completed manuals and documentation is free of charge within 20 km from České Budějovice, for distant places we use the Czech Post or courier services.


Upon the delivery of the completed order, the client gets acquainted with the final cost calculation which is based on the number of characters of the translation. The minimum billing unit is 1 standard page (SP). 1 SP = 1800 characters including spaces. The final number of standard pages is rounded off downwards with precision of 0.1 NS. The total number of characters including spaces of the completed translation can be easily count using the MS Word – word processor. Go to the “Word Count” in the proofreading section, then click the “Number of Characters” (with spaces).


The delivery time for standard translations of 6 SP and corrections of 10 SP is one day. However, this delivery time may vary greatly depending on the difficulty of the translation and its graphic processing. Therefore, the delivery date of each order is always agreed individually upon confirmation of the order. If the number of standard pages exceeds the number stated above for short-term orders with a deadline of up to 5 days, the translation is considered as a rush order. Extra fees for express translations can be found here.


The Client is obliged to check the completed translations and inform the contractor of any defects upon delivery of the completed order. By defects we mean specific deviations from the agreed scope of the work, execution, or quality of the work. Definitions are specific deviations from the agreed scope, design, or quality. Complaints must be made in writing and immediately after the defects have been identified, but no later than 30 days after delivery. The client will pinpoint the defects and state how the complaint will be dealt with.
The contractor is liable for the quality of translations and correct cost calculations only up to the cost of the completed order.


Upon delivery of the completed order, we sent an invoice with a 14-day maturity to the customer by post.
If a customer cancels an order in process of completion, the customer is obliged to pay the contractor for the work already performed on the order. Other General Terms and Conditions are governed by the Commercial Code, as amended.


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